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Project launching - CRoCuS

August 7, 2020, the Ecotox Association held a launch conference on the CRoCuS project (Cleaner Rivers - Cleaner Seas) with the focus on the scientific community, attended by representatives of various research laboratories of the Institute of Zoology, members of the association WiSDOM and Ecotox. Ms. Zubcov, the coordinator of this project from AO Ecotox, reviewed the CRoCuS project and the expected results, including small-scale demonstration facilities, networking workshops and experience exchange. Ms. Zubcov expressed the hope that the waste will be transformed from a problem into a resource, depending on how it will be managed.

Nadejda Andreev presented the experience of the project “Cost-effective and climate-friendly solutions for organic waste management”, especially regarding the demonstration models and the photographic exhibition and the instructional movie, which will also serve as awareness tools for the CRoCuS project.

Liubovi Lebedenco, representative of the CRoCuS team from AO WiSDOM, gave a detailed presentation on the composting facilities, the wood shredder and the pyrolyser that will be important in the demonstration activities for the local public about waste reuse solutions.

Ms. Galina Bușmachiu, head of the entomology laboratory, was interested in the distance from the well and the piles of manure or latrines, and Ms. Zubcov replied that it depends a lot on the type and inclination of the land, but according to current regulations it must be no less than 30 m.

The Deputy Director for Scientific Activity of the Institute of Zoology, Ms. Livia Calestru remarked that “listening to today's presentations I reviewed the problems facing my village. I think that the waste problem is a common one for all the localities in the Republic of Moldova ”.

It is important to remark also that during 6 of August, 2020, Ecotox also took part in a press conference dedicated to the project  and also in a workshop organized in cooperation with WiSDOM association.


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